Pop Culture: Zayn Malik’s Split From One Direction Causes Rift With Former Bandmate Louis Tomlinson!

The best vocalist of One Direction, Zayn Malik announced leaving from the boy band in March 2015, now he and former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson get into a rift on twitter…

The verbal exchanges between Zayn and Louis started when Liam Payne alluded to a new fifth member of One Direction being added and replacing Zayn to which Naughty Boy, Zayn’s producer posted a picture of himself and Zayne with the caption “Replace This.” and that brewed a response from Zayn’s former band mate Louis Tomlinson to respond.


After Louis sends a subliminal to his directioners, Zayn directly @’s Louis twitter to responds to him. Which entices a verbal lashing between Louis and Naught Boy.

The thing is Zayn Malik without question is the most talented vocalist of the group. He should really concentrate on building his career and making good music because there are a lot of people in power who are working to make sure his solo career is a flop. Zayn should not engage in this Twitter banter with his former bandmates, instead he should divert his energy into connecting with Drake or Kanye West and work with them to develop an urban pop sound kind of what Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars mastered. Naughty Boy will not help his solo career propel to a level he is hoping for, and the management of One Direction, we’re told, are PISSED that Zayn split from the group because everybody affiliated with One Direction lost money due to Zayn’s departure. If Zayn is smart he will understand this Entertainment business and how to effectively work the system to his benefit, but we’ve all been at that rebel, independent age of 22 where no one can tell you anything and it takes 4 years later for us to realize what we had at the time. We just hope that when he comes to the realization it’s not too late for his solo career to propel. Check out pictures of Zayn during happier times with his mum attending the Asian Awards last month.

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