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Female Singers Who Write and Produce Their Album

Well, some say that “it’s a man’s world”. It’s 2017 and that adage doesn’t seem to be all true today, not in the world of music. How about we let these women prove that it’s not just a man’s world. Not only do they sing their songs, they write and produce them as well proving once and for all that women are as good as men when it comes to making music.

1. Mariah Carey

Who in the world doesn’t know of Mariah Carey? Over the years of her career, Mariah is a diva and artist extraordinaire. She is not only an amazing singer with a 5-octave range but is also a successful songwriter as she co-produced almost all of her number one singles. She also happens to be the most successful female songwriter and producer in Billboard’s history.

2. Madonna

Madonna is definitely one of music industry’s role model making her incomparable to any other singers. Madonna has proven her worth in the industry all these years and has been continuing to do so even today. She is known for being an advocate against oppression, using her provocative style of music to fight haters of all forms through her music that she produces.

3. Missy Elliott

When it comes to making her music, Missy Elliot shows who’s the boss. Missy has proven her worth in the industry through her tracks that made a breakthrough in the hip-hop and rap scene, also being responsible for some of the most innovative style in the hip-hop genre. In addition, she also has supported singers like Beyonce, Aaliyah, Mariah, Ciara, Whitney Houston and more in their career by lending her talent in songwriting and producing.

4. Lorde

At 16, Lorde became the youngest artist in three decades to hit #1 since the 80’s with her song “Royals”. This young teen is definitely one to watch out for but don’t mistake here for merely a teen pop singer. Lorde even at a young age has been producing and writing songs. In fact, she co-wrote and co-produced her entire debut album. She keeps up with her inspiration to write songs. Davie Bowie even regards her as “the future of Music”.

5. Lady Gaga

The world was in total shock when Lady Gaga debuted in the music scene. Her uniqueness is above the ordinary and has been proving ever since that she is indeed one of a kind. Throughout the decade, she has been making music that makes her not only a unique one but also a flexible artist who is able to do music in almost all genres. Throughout the shifts and turns in her genre and career, she remained a co-writer and co-producer of her brand. She is not only an incredible singer but also an amazing songwriter and producer who moves people through music.

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