Arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers sat down with ESPNRadio and addressed our Fame Driven Mail post, but keeps mum about “friendship” with former “personal assistant/roommate” Kevin Lanflisi, read what new information we have received from our spy connected with both parties…

Disclaimer: TheFameDriven.com takes no responsibility or liability for opinions, observations, alleged rumors, pictures, or assumptions stated by sources, spies, or in the comment section by our readers.

Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers took to ESPN radio on New Years Eve (Dec. 31) to address rumors that circulated about his sexuality.

Audio via ESPN Radio
Aaron wasted no time in diverting the sports interview, with ESPN’s Jason Wilde, from his recent victory over the Chicago Bears to the downside of being a sports star, which include those pesky rumors on the internet that he is “ghey”. Rodgers said, “There isn’t a whole lot of separation from your public and private life”. After some hinting and prodding from Rodgers, Jason Wilde asks Rodgers about the “ghey” rumors to which Rodgers nervously replies:

“I’m just going to say I’m not gay, I really, really like women. That’s all I can really say about that.”

Hmmm what’s that saying, “doth protest too much, me thinks”. We appreciate Aaron Rodgers reading The Fame Driven, we think you are an excellent quarterback and we hear you are a decent guy. But your PR people allowing you to go on ESPN radio and say you “really, really like women” is just… INCONCEIVABLE! A can of worms were open to people who didn’t even know about the rumor and allowed several national media sites to pick up the story (Yahoo, Huffington Post, CBSSports, TMZ IBTimes, Deadspin, Radar Online, Hollywood Life, SportsOnEarth) Aaron Rodgers could take a few classes from the Sean Avery School of Bearding on how to kill “ghey” whispers on the internet which is, say nothing, propose an engagement ring to some gorgeous busty Victoria Secret model, and announce the engagement publicly during a national televised game, boom, the “ghey” rumors are silenced.

Rodgers states at the end of his ESPN interview:

“I think there should be professional is professional and personal is personal, and that’s just how I’m going to keep it.”

–Watch Video Below–

One of our TFD spys and one of our readers directed us toward some footage of Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Lanflisi during “happy times”. The video shows Aaron beaming from ear to ear when speaking about Kevin Lanflisi as his “best friend/personal assistant/roommate” and another video where Aaron takes Kevin to the 2011 NFL awards and embraces Kevin when he is awarded the 2011 NFL MVP award. We find it very interesting Rodgers did numerous interviews openly mentioning Kevin Lanflisi as his personal assistant/roommate, but we were unable to find evidence of Aaron publicly mentioning a girlfriend or engagement to a woman that a few other blogs have made claim about. We understand having a personal assistant, but if you are one who is big on being private, why bring up your personal assistant who is also your male roommate in public interviews, and then get upset when the public questions the “friendship”?

Rodgers failed to even utter Lanflisi’s name during the ESPN interview, and Kevin Lanflisi has not muttered anything recently on his twitter or instagram denying the viral rumors about himself and Rodgers alleged relationship. Our TFD spy close to Rodgers and Lanflisi informed us that the Packers, NFL, and Aaron Rodgers PR team have been going on panic mode ever since our story went viral stating:

“Aaron was very bothered over it because he comes from a very conservative and devout Christian family who did not know the full extent to he and Kevin’s “friendship”. The Packers organization is worried because they do not want this affecting Rodgers performance against the 49ers. Everyone associated with Aaron or Kevin have been instructed not to speak to any media outlets about this. Aaron Rodgers is the NFL’s golden boy and the last thing the NFL and Packers organization want is this to get bigger than it is now.”

When asked about the well being of Kevin Lanflisi and why he hasn’t denied the claims the source simply says:

“Kevin and his family are being taken care of, and there will be no future comments from Lanflisi on any of this.”

During “happy times” Kevin and allegedly Aaron didn’t mind public outings to events such as a Justin Bieber concert where Kevin tweeted the usher saying “really guys” at their front row seats.


Or “Cruising Through Chico With The Champ” during the 2011 year Aaron and the Packers won the super-bowl. (Aaron Rodger’s hometown is called Chico, California).

We are not here to “out” or say what we really think on what Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Lanflisi “friendship” entailed, we will let you all decide, but we could not help but find it cryptically ironic that Kevin may be living out words he once tweeted

I know the truth. I’ve seen it. There’s no guilt. No shame. I’m bought. Owned. His. Free.

One thing that is undeniable is Aaron Rodgers talent as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, regardless of his sexuality. We will be watching in excitement along with all of you during the 49ers vs. Packers game tomorrow. Your thoughts?

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34 Responses to Fame Driven Mail: While Aaron Rodgers Insists He’s “NOT Gay”, Kevin Lanflisi Stays Mum, & New Evidence Suggests Otherwise!

  • Wow I wasn’t expecting much since Aaron Rodgers denied the gay rumours. However, after seeing the new tweets and especially the one with Aaron and Kevin on the beach I believe they were in a gay relationship. Especially, when Kevin wrote the comment about “no guilt” “no shame” he seems to be alluding to their homosexual relationship. Interesting that Kevin deleted these tweets. After all, if Aaron and Kevin are just pals why is Kevin deleting the tweets what is there to hide? Clearly, these two were gay lovers. I love this site!!!

    • The problem is none of you guys can believe this is what it is. You refuse to believe your beloved sports heroes and guys you root for like men. Big whoopty. Truth is there are SEVERAL, SEVERAL NFL and MLB players who really are bisexual. And of course there are others who JUST ARE gay but they have to make the occasional appearance with some hot chick so you guys will stay off their back You know, their teammate know. They’re on the road, they share hotel wings with them but they just don’t say anything because they are cool with their teammate and they know it’s just not any of their business and to talk about would just bring their bud some grief. It’s pathetic that these guys who are so talented, so gifted and all-around great guys feel like they have to not be happy and live their lives freely because the judgment of a bunch of PRICKS out there. Well TS…it will just continue to reveal itself for what it is.

  • In the cabbie interview, Aaron and Kevin are wearing matching bracelets.

    In another Cabbie interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcr4tT9y3xs Aaron is so obviously eye fucking Cabbie when he’s telling him he looks good.

  • So Aaron had a gay roommate? He’s the 2nd best quarterback behind Tom Brady. He is a strong Christian who probably tried to deliver Kevin from that homosexual lifestyle and Kevin got mad and tried to l ie on him. One of the best sports players can not be gay. I don’t believe it.

    • Emily, do you live on planet earth or Mars? You never heard of Ted Haggard the Evangelical Christian leader who hired a male prostitute a few years ago? You never heard about a Republican politican Larry Craig who trolled public washrooms looking for gay sex.

      You need to get out more girlfriend if you think just because a man is Christian does not mean he’s gay.

      I think the article is suggesting this wasn’t unrequited love. Watch the You Tube video did you not see the love shine through when Aaron smiled when Kevin’s name was mentioned.

      Also, Emily I am sure you know the NFL is VERY HOMOPHOBIC. Chris Kluwe a straight football player just wrote an explosive essay on Deadspin slamming the NFL for being homophobic because he supports gay marriage.

      • I rebuke you with Jesus blood. You gays will not try and make Aaron a homosexual just because he tried to save Kevin from his wicked ways. We are in the last days. You gays already have Jason Collins but that is not enough now you all want to make up cruel lies about a star NFL player who loves God and practices his faith religously. God will nor bless or reward any gay athlete with talent that’s why Jason Collins is flaming down pride events instead of playing in the NBA. Same goes for Kerry Rhodes.

  • Oh, BTW, while I DO believe that Aaron/Kevin were an item, you guys are taking one quote out of context:

    “I know the truth. I’ve seen it. There’s no guilt. No shame. I’m bought. Owned. His. Free.”

    That’s about the Gospel message, NOT his relationship with Aaron. Remember, Kevin is a Gospel poet.

  • Who really cares who Aaron sleeps with, just as long as he’s winning games. That’s all that matters.

  • Have none of you seen KL’s tweet on 4 Feb 12 and/or 27 July 11 (let alone at least one other)?

    The 4 February 2012 one reads: “Tonight belongs to QB1″, and in the former (27 July 2011) KL scribed: “Finally get my roommate back in GB tonight #QualityFamilyTime”.

    … but that ain’t all…

    KL also ‘chatted’ with Lance Bass (hashtag – a famous gay dude) on 12 December 11, writing: “Definitely brought the good vibes to town here in GB. May need them here come playoff time.”

  • What got me on this whole thing is Kevin wearing his Superbowl ring and that last pic with them both on the Beach. If these two aren’t gay I’d be very suprised.

  • Can we just all agree Aaron Rodgers was gay for Kevin Lanflisi and move on. He just lost tonight’s game, I mean really lets discuss the facts.
    Kevin has yet to deny these rumors, he usually tweets all the time, but has refrained since this story broke. Why did Kevin tweet about a bad relationship the same time he moved out of Aaron’s house? If there was a girlfriend involved why would Kevin need to move all the way to California to escape a relationship with a girl when he is Aaron’s roommate and personal assistant? Why did Kevin tweet all male names for thanksgiving not Aaron Rodgers “girlfriend” Destiny? Aaron nor Kevin’s rumored girlfriend names were in the tweet for thanksgiving just all male names. Look here —-> http://www.thefamedriven.com/fame-driven-mail-did-the-green-bay-packers-star-nfl-quarterback-aaron-rodgers-have-a-falling-out-with-male-roommatepersonal-assistant-kevin-lanflisi/kevinaaronstweets/

    Why hasn’t Aaron explained why he and Kevin are no longer roommates? Why does Aaron, a star football player follow girl teen heartthrobs Joe Jonas and Harry Styles on twitter. Which both have a similar look to Kevin Lanflisi (long and dark hair). It makes the rumor that he attended the Justin Bieber concert with Kevin all the more believable. Why didn’t Aaron speak on his relationship with Kevin Lanflisi and state they were strictly just roommates if that’s all they were. Why all the diverting from the obvious unless there is something to hide.

    Why does Aaron Rodgers favorite a tweet about male penises on his twitter. Go look at his favorites –>> https://twitter.com/AaronRodgers12/favorites

    Do I need to say anymore? I can go on and on. I mean face it Aaron Rodgers is gay. Let’s focus on his talent and not his sexuality and move on from this.

  • To answer Charles Reid question, the mainstream North American media are protecting Aaron Rodgers. The ESPN radio interview was total BS because the interviewer refused to ask Aaron the tough questions. Like you say, why would Kevin Lanflisi have to move all the way from Wisconsin to California just because he broke up with someone? People break up all the time but they don’t travel across the country. Obviously Aaron and Kevin broke up, but is a mainstream American interviewer going to ask about the relationship? Of course not. The sports journalists and media are also homophobic and those homophobes are going to protect Aaron Rodgers because he’s a NFL star player.

  • yea, i figured all that out when you put it all together, it’s obvious that they were more than just friends. i don’t think it should even matter, the only point i want to make is that everyone is making a big deal about him moving so far away and why all the way in CA. the reason why is because that’s where his sister lives.

  • If Arron Rodger and his former assistant were involved that is no ones business and yes I agree personal is personal and professional is professional. However, when one steps into such a public role one has to be prepared to give up a little privacy. Some of this evidence is a little misleading for instance “boyfriend” is the title to a Justin Bieber song and should not be interpreted as a direct reference to an individual. While all this is speculation, Aaron Rodgers did not do himself any favors by making the statement he did and I would fire my PR team if they gave me some BS like that to say. Until Kevin speaks out and backs up Aaron Rodgers claim that he really really likes women, we can only continue to assume the “spy” is reporting accurate information; silence does have an expiration date

  • Sorry but I don’t believe it. That “Bro Hug” that was displayed at that award show did not convince me. In fact, Kevin’s tweets are so cryptic to the point of “open interpretation”. And, yes, I am gay. Kevin Lanflisi is a deep devoted spoken word Christian poet. Don’t believe me? Go find his YouTube clips.

    That one pic of the beach with him and Aaron…how do you know Kevin isn’t alluding to a “higher power”? “His”?? God?

    Aaron stated he learned a lot from Kevin. More than likely there was more of a platonic spiritual bond where Kevin was giving him advice on God or whatever spirituality was going on there. That ‘bro hug’ that was on video was so devoid of gay longing I was disappointed. Nope, I am not convinced by any of it.

    • Ok so lets go with what you are saying mickflip. Here are some questions I have then. Why is Kevin no longer Aaron’s roommate or “personal assistant”? Why did Kevin write messages about spending all his time on “us” and now has time for “me” and someone falling in love with him again? According to his twitter and pictures all his time was with and centered around Aaron Rodgers. Kevin is very vocal on his twitter about his life, but never mentioned having a girlfriend EVER on his twitter and I went back 2 years looking for a mention of her. Why did Kevin move out of Wisconsin and to California? If it is a woman that he is tweeting about what would make him give up a lavish lifestyle of being a personal assistant to one of the biggest NFL quarterbacks in the NFL to room with his sister in California? If they aren’t gay why hasn’t Kevin just denied all this on his twitter? His Christian beliefs probably will not allow him to lie. Thou shall not lie, so maybe that’s the reason he is keeping quiet.

      If those questions can be answered then I can see exactly where you are coming from, but until then I’m going with what The Fame Driven spy has stated, Aaron and Kevin were LOVERS!

  • The mainstream media STILL are not asking Aaron Rodgers the right questions. Although on article I think the website is called the sporting world news suggested Rodgers lost concentration last night due to the gay rumours. The question the mainstream press are not asking is why did Kevin Lanflisi MOVE all the way from Wisconsin to California? Why would Kevin leave a really good paying job for NFL star Aaron Rodgers to live with his sister. I also checked Kevin’s instagram and Twitter account there is NO GIRLFRIEND all of this time was devoted to Aaron Rodgers. The tweet is definitely about Aaron it is obvious.

    I don’t think this is the end to this story. Hopefully the Fame Driven can get some real concrete evidence about the gay relationship between Kevin and Aaron? The problem is the NFL and Aaron’s lawyers probably either paid Kevin Lanflisi off or they told him to be quiet. The mainstream press are not questioning Kevin’s silence. The truth always come forward hopefully someone, some big time network will offer Kevin big money so he can talk.

  • After reading the comments its clear, that Rodgers was in a relationship with Kevin Lanflisi.

    As commented earlier.

    “KL’s tweet on 4 Feb 12 and/or 27 July 11
    The 4 February 2012 one reads: “Tonight belongs to QB1″, and in the former (27 July 2011) KL scribed: “Finally get my roommate back in GB tonight #QualityFamilyTime”.


    @KevinLanflisi 4 Sep “You should go down to Wal-Mart and see if they sell face paint that makes you look less like the monster you are.”

    I think are stronger evidence about the nature of the relationship. Who needs and uses face paint? Take this with the rest of the breakup tweets and KL is talking about AR.

    Take Thomas Edwards comment on January 5th, you do get a sense that this was most likely gay relationship.

    The Fame Driven has not even posted the strongest evidence of the nature of this relationship that is available as commented by earlier posts on this subject.

  • Wow, so was it in the plans to start these rumors to have the 49ers take the game to change the outcome of bets? Honestly, I have to give props to whoever decided to do this. Because it’s brill!!

  • I really, really like women too. Just ask my mom, my sisters and all my female friends. I’m gay, and last I looked most all gay men really, like women just not in our beds.
    That said. It gets to be really, really hard to walk back from “I’m not gay”. You lose respect for saying it, and you lose respect when it turns out not to be true. If you are straight fine, be a good straight guy. If your gay, be a good gay guy.

  • UPDATE: Kevin’s mom, Kay Lanflisi, throwing major shade at the Packers and their loss. “What goes around” ??? Could that be aimed toward Aaron?


  • WOW Kevin Lanflisi mom is definitely dissing Aaron Rodgers since the Green Bay Packers lost! Kevin mom comments prove something went down between Aaron and Kevin.

  • Yep…to all those who say it doesn’t matter. Nope it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter that your hero, a Super Bowl quarterback likes to suck a mans dick. It doesn’t. It really doesn’t. It is what it is. Accept it.

  • Kay Lanflisi comment’s does suggest that her son’s relationship with Aaron Rodgers was more involved than the typical bromance. We have a lot of circumstantial evidence that Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Lanflisi were in a relationship.

    The bulk of the evidence is these tweets and I think the story would be on stronger grounds if we had more evidence besides the tweets.

    For example, we assume they were at the Bieber concert but do we have any pictures. Are their other people who have pictures of Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Lanflisi?

    I do believe Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Lanflisi were in a relationship but I think the story needs stronger evidence besides the tweets.

  • Well nothing new from the Fame Driven about Aaron Rodgers or Kevin Lanflisi. It looks like Rodgers silenced everyone including the Fame Driven from writing about him. Rodgers is definitely gay but he has shut this story down.

  • A fact that no one has mentioned is that Aaron and Kevin are still following each other on Twitter. It’s apparent something ‘deep’ must have occurred between them. Kevin isn’t going to remain silent. He continues to post messages on Twitter and recently, mentions something about “found box hidden in ‘my closet’ “. In the future, there still could be an interview with Kevin. He’s out of a job and an offer may be too good to refuse.

    The way these two have handled their ‘break-up’ has been very juvenile. Aaron lived with Kevin for years and now acts like the gay rumors are a nuisance when he played a ‘big’ part in such rumors hitting the Net. Kevin rants to strangers& Aaron via Twitter and has family mock the Packers. Aaron’s response to the rumors on his radio show was not convincing to me. I hope Aaron is being honest, especially for his team mates, who I’m sure some won’t say it out loud, but got to have concerns. Also, I saw that tweet including a ‘penis tattoo’ Aaron marked as a favorite on Twiiter, which is disturbing to say the least. I’ll never see Aaron Rodgers as the same person again. He is a professional and to have that sh*t on his Twitter account is appalling. I hope parents of his young ‘admirers’, whatever ones he has left, see that tattoo and find their children a new role model.

  • I do not think TFD not posting another follow up to the story, does not mean that Aaron Rodgers has silenced them. If more sources or information would come out about this story TFD would report it. However, without any new information what does TFD have to write about?

    I am sure TFD would like to have an interview with Kevin. I am sure TFD would like to have evidence of any other same sex relationship Aaron Rodgers might have had.

    Here is another picture of Aaron Rodgers and Kevin together at the Wisconsin Sports Awards on May 11th, 2012.


  • I do not think TFD not posting another follow up to the story, does not mean that Aaron Rodgers has silenced them. If more sources and information would come out about this story TFD would report it. However, without new information or more pictures of AR and KL together what does TFD have to write about?

    I am sure TFD would like to have an interview with Kevin. I am sure TFD would like to have evidence of any other same sex relationship Aaron Rodgers has had.

    If you need another picture of Aaron Rodgers and Kevin together here is one at the Wisconsin Sports Awards on May 11th, 2012.


  • Well it would be good if this website got some new dirt on Aaron Rodgers.

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