Did NFL star quaterback of the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers have a falling out with his ex-roommate/”personal assistant” Kevin Lanflisi? Check inside and see what juicy scoop one of our TFD spys brought to our attention about this questionable “friendship”…

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A TFD spy wrote:
Hello TheFameDriven, I’m surprised you all haven’t touched on The Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his former male “personal assistant”/roommate name Kevin Lanflisi. Aaron has attended numerous sports award shows with Kevin, always color coordinated and without any double female dates, including the ESPY’s. Kevin was also the first person Aaron embraced when the Packers won the Super-bowl in 2011. I just find it really strange that as of late there has been many bitter subliminal tweets on Kevin Lanflisi’s twitter alluding to a relationship much deeper than a friendship he had, with who I perceive to be Aaron Rodgers, because Kevin has NEVER once tweeted about having a girlfriend, just mainly about the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, and Justin Bieber’s music and sitting front row at Bieber’s concert. There has been speculation for years here in Wisconsin that Aaron is gay which I always brushed off, but after looking at Kevin’s twitter I’m inclined to believe Aaron and Kevin were more than just roommates/friends, I believe they were lovers. What do you think?

Thank you for alerting us of this! After doing some intensive research we came across this quote from Aaron Rodgers MilwaukeeMag interview where it states:

Late in the night, a well-known actor – Rodgers won’t out him, only saying he’s played a superhero on the big screen – arrives at his table. And just like Miss Instagram, while playing up to the football hero, he ignores everyone else. That includes Rodgers’ older brother, Luke; his lifelong friend Ryan Zachary, who sports a Zach Galifianakis beard and answers to the nickname Papa; and his personal assistant, Kevin Lanflisi. Rodgers is not impressed with the actor’s act.
I kind of judge how those people are based on how they are to people like Kevin,” Rodgers explains. “Kevin, he’s not a famous person. I want to see if they give Kevin the time of day, or if they big-time him.
Perhaps Rodgers is so keenly aware of how others treat perceived nobodies because, for much of his football life, he was treated like one himself.

And in another interview dated in 2008 with Sporting News, Aaron Rodgers was asked about who he lives with, he said:
I’ve got a roommate, a guy I met in town. He works for the Packers now as an athletic trainer, but he was interning when I met him and we just hit it off. He’s been great for me as far as great conversations outside of football. Our friendship goes a lot deeper than what we do.


BOMBOCLAT! why is this dude wearing Aaron Rodgers NFL Super Bowl MVP ring, there are football wives who don’t even get that privilege!

A year or so ago things seemed great between the two former roommates according to twitter, but as of recent Kevin expressed that he is roommates with his sister and no longer appears to be bff’s with Aaron Rodgers. Ironically, Kevin’s seemingly annoyed tweets dated on December 4th, which is two days after Aaron Rodgers 30th birthday(Dec. 2nd)!
We are told Kevin Lanflisi acted as Aaron Rodgers “personal manager”, but details are still sketchy on what was the cause of their abrupt split. One of our sources close to the two told us that Aaron was allegedly suppose to be one of the NFL stars to come out the closet during the summer, but backed out last minute which infuriated Kevin and hurt their relationship. We hear Kevin doesn’t even live in Wisconsin anymore, he’s back in California and seems really distraught and upset over whatever break-up he recently had.

To play devils advocate it’s very far fetched and hard to comprehend or believe one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL (Aaron Rodgers) and a hip hop gospel poet (Kevin Lanflisi), both devout Christians, engaged in an alleged homosexual relationship. We just can’t with this notion! Suppose they are just really good friends who happen to room together, but then why would a millionaire star NFL player, such as Aaron Rodgers, live with his “personal manager”, let alone a male roommate?
Aaron’s now 30 years old shouldn’t a wife and family be the future goal? We’re sure many of you shared your high school football championship rings with your male friends and allowed them to take pictures with it.
KevinToughAnd Kevin is quite the wordsmith check out his poem “Let It Shine” (above). We wonder what he means by his tweet “Silence always comes with an expiration date..” Kevin if you are reading this you can email us at tips @ (without the spaces). What do you all think?

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103 Responses to Fame Driven Mail: Did The Green Bay Packers Star NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Have A Falling Out With Male Roommate/”Personal Assistant” Kevin Lanflisi?

  • No way Aaron Rodgers is gay. Gay people are not the best in sports and Aaron is a Christian.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but just because he is a sports player and Christian does not rule out that he is gay. These pictures and statements to me read a gay athlete who has a scorned male lover.

      • Aaron Rogers looks way too macho to be gay. This seems more like bromance going on. Nothing wrong with friends being like blood brothers.

        • Too macho to be gay? Dude c’mon it;s 2014. Take a look at ALL the sports guys who CAME OUT as gay, how many of them look “feminine” AT ALL?

          Common sense

    • I’m gay. My ex was a football player in HS and in college. He’s a devout Christian, going to church every Sunday.

      Seems like you’re just mad bro.

    • You’re joking, right? Please tell me that such ignorant people who think such things are actually relics of our barbaric and bigoted past — and not living/walking amongst us today.

    • LOL you’re kidding, right?

    • Ummmm… Yeahhhh. Derrick Rose has 3 “personal assistants”- 2 of whom I have met personally. They must be gay, right?

      Anyone who poses for a picture with a guy must be gay, right?

      Any guy who stands up for his (let’s admit- much “lesser acclaimed” friend), must be gay, right?

      No other explanation. If Aaron Rodgers and this dude were gay do you think this guy would be tweeting Eminem lyrics (esp. Rap God??).

      I’m sorry- but you people have gone crazy. Aaron is who he is. I am 30 years old. I have a roommate. He is my friend. We both lick chicks.

      In the words of Eminem- Don’t go looking for a Reason that ain’t there. This is a witch-hunt by homophobic anti-Packers or religius zealots who aren’t comfortable in their own skin.

      Maybe you were raped by a man and this makes you feel good to try to call Aaron Rodgers gay? Get over yourself. People have friends. Celebrities keep small circles and not all are married by the age of 30 (do you want 1/2 your money gone if the relationship isn’t right?).

      And as far as this Kevin Lanflisi talking about expiration dates or even wearing A-Rodge Super Bowl ring- hell, I’d be honored if my friend was an NFL MVP and let me wear his Super Bowl ring (though I wouldn’t take a picture that has obviously fed you oh-so-happy-to-find-a-reason-that-aint-there Trolls.

      Get a life. Go bone you wife. I am about to go bone my girlfriend. And I’ve no problems with GLTB people- do what makes you happy. But to say Aaron Rodgers is gay is just stupid speculation.

      My own mother has called me gay (I guess because I am 30 and not married and have had few girlfriends). But I’ve had sex with more women that you could count on 10 people fingers and toes (not something I’m proud of- just reluctant to commit).

      Get off A-Rodges jock- literally. Let the man live his life. Or go write an Op-Ed about how great you feel it is that you are gay or hate gays or whatever the hell your agenda is. Dude’s job is not to make his life the Kardashian show.

      Live and let live. And no, Aaron Rodgers is not “gay”. Sorry if men being good friends with other men makes you think otherwise. If that’s the case- toss Abraham Lincoln in the mix in you sensationalized, Yellow Journalism, B***Sh** article.

      I can’t believe how insecure people are…. Worry about your own sexuality instead of questioning the every move of others in a sexual way. Fricking weird people in America these days. God bless you for whoever you love- but don’t go lookin’ for a REASON THAT AIN’T THERE.

      That is all.

      • And.. the day that people don’t confuse kindness with homosexuality- will be a great day. I hate to dissapoint the homosexual community if this is what they want- but Aaron is the QB of a soon-to-be 2014 Super Bowl Champion team.

        And he’s straight. If not? He’ll man up and “come out”. But he has no reason to. Nor does anything other celebrity who isn’t an asshole.

        My entire life (though I’ve have my plentiful share)- I have always been treated different by chicks because, “he’s too nice”. Yes. I must be gay because I treat girls well.

        So sorry I didn’t grow up with the morals of treating women like sex objects to be beaten up if they don’t respect “my ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH male dominance”.

        I am a quiet alpha-dog. And I speak for all the others out there who are quiet alpha-dogs. You don’t have to be an asshole to be a “man”. In fact that makes you an evil POS.

        So, I’ll watch you wann-be alpha-dogs fake your way through life and accuse people like Aaron Rodgers of being gay to cover up your own weird sexual thoughts… But at the end of the day/year/decade/era?

        The truth sets it all free. Don’t fuck with a reserved alpha-dog. We will ruin your life if you so much as try to fuck with ours. I like snatch. If I didn’t I think it’s sad you would think I am a lesser human. You probably f*** yer wife in the a## because the goose is loose. I’m not into that,

        Now who’s really closer to gay? Aaron Rodgers… or YOU?


        PS: I’ve no prob. with butt-sex; I just love poonany- no matter how much “character” it has…. Now please. Get lost.

        Your story is bunk and based on jealously and hatred. (about the least best motivation for “objective journalism”..). Have fun with it though. Keep at it.

        Packers will win the Super Bowl. Rodgers will ignore your stupidity and.. Life will go on….

        Keep your homophobia inside your church. And please- just watch the damn games you fricking homophones/Green Bay haters.

        Get. A. Life.

        • Oh GRH, I really feel for you. So much emotion about some dude you don’t know. Look, I’ve never even heard of these guys before, but read between the lines. Press are running with this story because they already knew it was true.
          Closer to home, do you think there’s a reason you haven’t been able to commit to a woman?

          • Other than the fact my Mom left my family for a year to sleep with another man? No.

            But that never influenced my sexual preference. Go someone else if you are trying to convince people they are homo or heterosexual.

            You’re a weirdo. And the “Press” as in and a couple of other obscure websites?

            You need to find a new hobby. Trying to be Perez Hilton and “out” people (who are obviously not gay) is not healthy for your brain man.

            Grow up, please.

          • Other than the fact my Mom left my family for a year to sleep with another man? No.

            But that never influenced my sexual preference. Go someone else if you are trying to convince people they are homo or heterosexual.

            You’re a weirdo. And the “Press” as in this site and a couple of other obscure websites?
            You need to find a new hobby.

            Trying to be Perez Hilton and “out” people (who are obviously not gay) is not healthy for your brain man.
            Grow up, please.

        • doth thy protest too much? If any one player could perform the alchemy needed to make homosexuality palatable in alpha-male nil locker rooms — it’d be It’s not likely he’d face too much acrimony (to his face) or be ostracized outright. It’s good to be NFL mvp and super bowl champ. the most popular player in the most popular sport in the most powerful country on earth. He can do what he wants


        • WOW, there are meds for that you know.
          I live in GB, DO YOU? Rodgers being gay is common knowledge here. Most people don’t have a problem with him being gay, its being a LIAR that they have a problem with.

      • dude. your name is “get real homophobes” and you go on this ridiculous rant, and claim to “lick chicks”. your not fooling anybody bro. just come out of the closet already

        • I am not trying to fool anyone. This is the internet. I am not famous. Do you know me? Do I care what you think about?

          Try being comfortable in your own gay/bi/heterosexual skin before posting a ridiculous comment like that.

          I (in vain) was trying to put this threads ridiculous speculation in context.

          Sorry for trying to be a voice of reason! But yeah- all non-married guys with roommates are gay!!!! Weeeee….

          I don’t care what Rodgers sexual orientation is- he is one of the greatest QBs ever. It shouldn’t even matter. But based on this flimsy speculation- I personally think he is just a straight man looking for the right women.

          Had a relative just get 50/50 divorced yesterday. Just because you are famous and not committed to a woman does not make you gay.

          Go pick on some other celebrity as that is all you people seem to want to do. Weirdos…. Good Lord.

        • Totally true, anyone with a name “get real homophobes” and claims to “lick chicks” is certainly a closet gay. Instead of spending all that timesucking cock, you need to just come out of the closet already. God Bless!


      • My feeling put into words better than I could say them! Thx. Seems funny that this come out now, just before a big game to try to throw off Aarons thinking about ONLY football out of his head. Won’t work, you slime. Whomever Aaron chooses to love, (except me), he has my blessings and he is a NFL PRO, which probably makes you jealous. PS My daughter is 31, not married, and is not a lesbian, just has brains enough to not “settle”, and “wait for the “right” one to come along. “Get a life”, says it exactly.

      • Don’t protest so forcefully, everyone will figure you out.

      • Spoken like a true packers fan. If Rodgers is 100% straight, then so is George W Bush (hay roommate & travel companion for years, well known crush for touching and kissing bald men’s heads, etc.)

        Hell, it was obvious when he put on that pro fake wrestling belt. He is obsessed with his smokescreen of machismo. I’m not anti-gay in the least, but someone in this day an age who goes to lengths to hide and lie that he’s gay, to me, hurts the cause of equality for gays. Prominent gay men prominently displaying their shame for who they are…

        On that note, it’s actually sad, because I’m sure he has legitimate fears, real or imagined regarding people’s reactions. Family? Teammates? Fellow church members (especially if he belongs to one of those churches who put a huge focus on homosexuality.)

        IMO, he’s gay, and one of the best QBs of all time. The later part hurts my soul to say, as a Bears fan, but the former make me feel bad for him. Green Bay isn’t exactly a good place to be gay.

    • You are retarded

    • Ted Haggard, dumbf**k.

    • those have got to be the silliest reasons for not being gay.
      I personally think he is gay…no matter how much he denies it.

    • Another shattered stereotype, there are many gay christians.

    • Really dumb. Gay men have higher testosterone on average than straight men, more athletic (that’s why we look so good), and generally tend to work out and stay fit. There are a lot of gay athletes. If you want Christians to stop being gay stop having gay babies.

    • this is the most ridiculous comment I have ever read in my life. Educate yourself.

    • He’s GAY and so is Ted Thompson just look what the have done???

  • zetaboards frank ocean and other gay shit /174

  • aaron and kevin make a cute couple i could totally see aaron topping kevin /174

  • Aaron Rodgers isn’t the only Packers that’s gay so is the Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson. The NFL and Packers will probably pay Kevin off to keep his mouth shut and not mess up or interfere with the approaching Packers play-off season.
    But the NFL and Packers team are definitely aware of this and most people in the league already knew Aaron and Kevin were an item. I mean what heterosexual man takes his “personal assistant” with him to the ESPY’s and no female date? A gay man!

    • All of this is so similar to the Eric Szmanda/George Eads (Greg and Nick on CSI) relationship. YES, they WERE in a romantic relationship, until George married his beard Monika.

      Eric and George went to awards shows together without women. So have Aaron and Kevin. Eric and George were “roomies.” So were Aaron and Kevin (I don’t know if Kevin left Aaron’s house or not). Eric and George had that “vibe” about them. So do Aaron and Kevin.

      Let’s just hope Aaron doesn’t find a “Monika” and marry her. :(

    • There is nothing wrong with gay ball players, just as long as they win games. But, Aaron Rodger isn’t gay, bro.

    • YES got dam it some one finally said it. Aaron Rodgers and Ted Thompson is GAY. That’s probably why Ted wanted Brett Farve out and pushed Aaron forward. No one cares if they are GAY jus be 4 real…..

  • Of course

  • Of course Aaron Rodgers could be gay Mike Freeman a NFL writer wrote an article on Bleacher Report last month saying three NFL players ALMOST came out this summer. The gay rumours about Rodgers is not new. Freeman article also said there are TONS of gay men in the NFL. Look how Rodgers acted when Ryan Braun got caught using steroids. Rodgers comments about Braub lied to him and how upset he was indicated to me they were probably gay lovers. Also Rodgers gay rumours are not new. Look at Kerry Rhodes everyone knows he is gay even after his ex boyfriend outed him in the spring.

  • Good point about the personal assistant that is code for gay lover. Rodgers must have been VERY close to Kevin Lanflisi to take him to the ESPY awards. Kerry Rhodes ex boyfriend Russell Simpson was also his personal assistant. The NFL is homophobic like the rest of the USA top pro sports. The NFL know about Rodgers homosexuality just like they know Kerry Rhodes is gay.I hope Aaron DOES come out of the closet.

  • The Justin Bieber tweet, super bowl ring tweet, and matching suits at the ESPY awards, and “Tuesdays” with Aaron” movie time sold me, they’re as GAY as a pack of skittles falling from a lucky charms rainbow!

  • Aaron Rodgers is too talented as a quarterback to be gay. This is some bullshit I don’t believe it. No gay man would be good at football or basketball maybe swimming, male cheerleading, or gymnastics.

    • “No gay man would be good at football…maybe (he’d be good at) swimming, male cheerleading, or gymnastics.”

      Wow, you’re full of stereotypes today. What’s next? Blacks love fried chicken? Mexicans love to hop borders? Asians are super good at math?

    • Wow… say that a gay man could not be a star athlete is just stupid, ridiculous, and completely ignorant. Ones sexual it does not alter ones ability to read the option or audible….it most certainly does not alter someone’s ability to throw a football down a field. Who cares if Aaron Rodgers is gay….more power to him. I bet if he does come out….then you would change your opinion about him being a star QB just because you are a bigot. “No way he is a star QB he is gay…that can’t be” I am sure it would read something like that.

    • You sir, are an idiot.

  • Anonymous sounds like a homophobe of course gay men are in the

  • Wow! That would make for Nat’l news given your talking about arguably the best QB in the game today!

  • The reply’s and comments are more interesting than the article.

  • Look at Aaron Rodgers cheesing and showcasing his dimples when the ESPN interviewer asks him about his boo Kevin Lanflisi. His body language screams “That’s my baby over there” at the 1:50 mark. Anyone who thinks they are not a couple are in denial or delusional. It’s too obvious. I’m wondering why nobody else picked this up earlier.

    • Juan, you’re reading too much. Straight guys can’t be close friends? It doesn’t mean they’re sleeping around, bro.

  • Juan, the reason the media might not cover this story is because Aaron Rodgers is so well respected. Sean Avery is a jerk when this website published a story suggesting he is gay a few months ago Yahoo Sports picked up the story. However, Aaron Rodgers is a much bigger star athlete than Sean Avery he is also a money maker for the NFL. The NFL is very homophobic they do not want their top star Aaron Rodgers to come out of the closet.

  • This is hitting mainstream news sites and blogs. I’m seeing it on Radar Online, Perez Hilton, and a few big sports forums and blogs. This definitely had a lot of eyebrows raised. I wonder if Kevin or Aaron will respond to this. They have to at some point. I think Aaron will marry that stripper girl he’s “dating” so all this will hush and the Packers can continue on in the play-offs. Guarantee he is on the phone right now working with the NFL and publicist to set up a proposal of some sort to a woman.

    • If you know anything about Rodgers, you would know he will not respond to this. He is notoriously silent on his private life, and rightly so.

  • I wish Aaron would just come out already.

  • I think you are right Juan the NFL provide this false PR crap that they are not homophobic. Blind Gossip is saying the NFL lawyers want Kevin to shut up. The NFL wants to maintain a straight image. I certainly will not be surprised when Rodgers is either engaged or married to Destiny Newton. The NFL want this gay story to disappear they are probably working behind the scenes to make this go away.

  • Why would a guy who made a guaranteed $5.4 million ( and will make over $100 million) the day he joined the NFL, need a roommate? I could understand having assistants but not roommates. All of this is really speculation and circumstantial, but I find it really funny when random guys pop in saying “I have a roommate and I’m not gay, dude.” Yeah I had roommates, too- In college or when I was working at Best Buy or working at a restaurant for $8/hr

    • Every man who has a roommate is gay!!! Let the witch-hunt go on!!! You guys are amazing in your illogical thoughts. I am letting a friend from my hometown live in my basement because he is down on his luck- divorced and in between homes.

      So… by your logic (I make 75,000/yr)- I am gay? Right? Otherwise I would have to be working at Dominos? Since when did having a friend = being gay?

      Beyond creepy this site is… Sorry the Bears lost- to this “suspected” gay man. Get over yourself.

  • well according to kevin’s twitter he tweeted this on 9/24/13 “on nights like tonight, i’m certain the girl of my dreams is somewhere in a poetry lounge.. wondering if im out there.” I don’t think a gay guy would say that, now the possibility of him being bisexual is possible, now if rodgers had an affair with this kevin guy who cares? its no big deal. but this story is possible but not likely. don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

    • Kevin also tweeted about singing and knowing Justin Bieber’s”Boyfriend”. He could have just been gay for Aaron who knows.

  • i am from the green bay area and while i agree it ‘looks’ odd (the roommate thg), i think given aaron’s strong religious beliefs and good-naturedness, it is not true…this turtle/assistant guy is probably overly infatuated with aaron on many levels and aaron is just a very intense guy who puts all his focus on his craft…and this guy deals with all the things aaron has no time for…
    i have seen aaron many times at lambeau coming and going in his pick-up…do gays drive those?…

    • today aaron addressed this nonsense:
      “I’m not gay,” Rodgers said. “I really, really like women. That’s all I can say about that.”…this to espn milwaukee…

      it’s like i said, just a very nice guy and also a decent christian man (not whoring around) focused on his craft and job which he loves and is brilliant at….
      all the more power to him when they crush SF at lambeau this sunday….
      go pack go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • apparently they do.

    • Do gay guys drive pickups? Is that for real? Yeah, I drive a pickup and so does my boyfriend of six years. Granted I live in the mountains of North Carolina where pickups are everywhere.. Anyhow, Rodgers may or may not be gay, who knows, but yeah, some gay guys drive pickups.

    • Wow, seriously dude? “good-naturedness” ? That suggests he ISN’T gay?!?! Like what, gay people are bad-natured? Wouldn’t it be the opposite; gay men do tend to be good-natured.

      Religious means nothing because gay people are born and grow up in every culture in the world, and of course some of them are going to have religious upbringings and adopt that. So of course, they are a ton of people out there who are both gay and religious (too bad a lot of religious people keep telling them they are sinful, wrong, etc.)

      And the silliest thing of all, do gays drive pickup trucks? Gays come in all shapes and sizes, just like straight folks. Some will need trucks because they do outdoorsy, farm stuff, just like straight guys. Gays do all the same thing straights do. Some are doctors, some lawyers, some farmers, some laborers. Some like pizza and beer and football too. And yes, some like trucks. What do you expect? A pink convertible? (but then again, Elvis wasn’t gay and that’s what he had anyway)

    • Did it ever occur to anyone that Rodgers isn’t lying on either end? Meaning he’s in fact bisexual? And yes by the way in terms of shattering yet more stereotypes, gay men can/do drive pickup trucks.

  • Gay or not!!!! It’s Aaron rodgers. GO PAC GO!!!!!!! Will still and always be a pac fan!! and a rodgers fan.

  • One of those tweets said this guy “spent Thanksgiving with Aaron, Clay, Al, Jordy, Josh Sitton and Ryan Taylor.” Are they all gay too? Let us know the breathtaking news! Here’s a tip: Remember they used to say this about Troy Aikman – he didn’t get married until his football career was almost over.

  • As a Packer fan I could care less whether Rodgers is straight or gay. As long as he is throwing touchdowns and winning games I’m fine with whatever he does in his personal life. It is none of our business. It is sad that you have nothing better to do than speculate on someone’s sexuality.

  • Straight guys don’t show off football rings like that, do they? Nope, they make a fist.

  • Yawn.

    He’s a fantastic football player. As a Bears fan, that annoys me greatly. Other than that, who the hell cares?

  • I think Rodgers is gay! What 30 year old multi-millionaire is going to have a male roommate? A gay one! If I was in Rogers position I would tons of girlfriends, be living in a mansion by myself with my girlfriends.

    Having said that, I still like Rodgers. Too bad the 49ers are going to rape him up the ass this Sunday

  • If Aaron is gay it sure seems like he would pick a guy better looking than Kevin, because Aaron is incredibly HOT!!

  • Might explain Rodgers anger at San Francisco passing him by for Alex Smith.

  • Dude…it’s okay to be gay, ask Tim Duncan, been in the closet till his ex-wife outed him.

  • What difference does it make if Rodgers is gay? He says he isn’t so just take his word for it. If he is gay it will eventually come out (no pun intended). Many celebrities who are unmarried don’t date because it complicates their careers.

  • And as far as the pick up truck in concerned, yes, some gay men do own and drive them. The stereotypical gays tend to live in big cities. Those who live in medium-sized or small towns don’t look much different than straight men. You really can’t tell just by looking at them.

  • I’ve got a lot of respect for this guy for how he handled the Favre drama up in Green Bay. He kept his mouth shut and waited his turn while Favre retired and unretired every other week. If anyone deserved a Super Bowl it was him.

  • Aaron drives a pickup truck and that means he is not gay? I lived the lie until my wife died. Ted Thompson and Aaron Rodgers are as gay as I am. They just are not flamers. Most gays are not.

  • gay’s think everyone is gay it’ a guilt thing no matter what they say. and they say too much

  • Football is Gay.

  • The first comment told you all Aaron Rodgers was NOT gay he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and Christian. Rodgers himself has said he is not gay. Impossible for him to be gay. The mere mention of him being in a gay relationship with his roommate was some faggot bullshit.

    Any NFL player who is gay is not a star player probably some bench player nobody even gives a fuck about. Most gay men in sports are not the star players they are Jason Collins. From Michael Jordan to Mike Tyson all heterosexual. Sorry fags you all still have Jason Collins who was a bench player and not even active in the NBA anymore.

  • Well guys if This Man is or not gay should matter only for gossip unsane reasons ……there are more important themes around sports than asking guys what they are doing with there dicks …….come on.

  • From my personal experience meeting AR he is NOT gay. Met Aaron in the VIP section of a club while he was playing in a celebrity golf tourney right before his first NFL season. We flirted for hours and grinded on each other as he couldn’t dance. He had a very early tee time so had to get up to his room…He asked me if I wanted to come with him to his room. I declined but we exchanged numbers instead. I had hoped to hang out with him (rather than just feel like a used slut the next day and get bitter when I would see him on TV haha) as we had a ton in common, he was adorable and fun yet shy in his way. I loved the way he kind of smiled when he would tease me and when I would make fun of him.
    I never heard back from him the next day & he didn’t return my call.

    A few years later I met a few guys who played football with Aaron at Cal. They lived in my town in NorCal and are good friends with Aaron. They are musicians (like Kevin) and not your typical ‘meathead jock’. They enjoy intelligent conversations, music and artsy type things. I think Aaron just prefers this type of friend over some of his teammates who just want to go out to drink, party and pick up women.

    Anyway, we had some crazy sexual chemistry that night and I am definitely his type. He likes hot blonde girls with tight bodies. Kind of like Destiny and Marisa Miller who he confessed to having a crush on years ago in a magazine article and he also tried to dance with her. (
    I don’t think he needed a ‘one-night beard’ that night as most of the people had left the club and no one was watching us.

    Kevin made mention of his ‘dream girl’ on his twitter. I think they may have had a falling out but I do not think AR is gay. If him and Destiny are together he probably wants her out of the limelight. If they are not together, his girlfriend, wife and, life are FOOTBALL and he won’t settle down until his career is over or almost over. Like Steve Young.

    • You never heard from him again because you have a VAGINA!
      There is no shame in being gay but there is shame in being a LIAR! I’ve lived in GB for 30 years. It is NO SECRET IN THIS TOWN!!!


      didn’t even know a beard was a real until reading this and finding a blog about it the internet has every thing. i assumed these guys had ses with wimen and and secretly dated men who knows

  • So you grinded with him? I don’t care if you mixed, chopped and pureed. What you wrote is long-winded, silly public relations garbage that might as well be straight from the Packers’ corporate office. I am certainly not the only one not buying.

  • Really who cares?

    Rogers you are a very amazing young man to go back into play with your injury. We were concerned as you entered back on to the field in brutal weather conditions. Your team spirit is incredible as 49ers tried hard to pound you during todays game.

    You scurry like a coyote being chased in Butte Valley. Saw a neighbor from Butte Valley wearing your jersey number who has cheered for you since Butte College. We are all proud of you.

    We wish you the best in 2014 and we are proud of you and your accomplishments.

    The Rock Family
    Northgate Cbico, Ca
    Chico, .Ca

  • Kevin is not a slacker. He studied abroad in Ecuador as a student-teacher he is college educated and graduated. If you watch the vimeo vids i mention above you will see that this is 09-prior Rodgers. He must have began his internship at the stadium upon return to the states, and met Rodgers “in town” lol. Either way its kind of sad because there is some serious hero worship/possibly grooming that went on there, AND obviously Kevin was far more into Rodgers. His entire existence was him (see how often he tweeted, continued to tweet up until recently even after the split). The most indicting factors from all this is due to Kevin. “Silence always comes with an expiration date”. Im positive he put this out there. His heart was broken, and he probably realized that he had allowed himself to be used and wanted revenge. This is also why i think it was possibly Kevins first same sex partnership.

  • 1st, I really don’t care who Rodgers chooses to partner with during his personal life. It shouldn’t be the source of headlines and internet fodder and he shouldn’t be the victim of a bitter little boy who wants to use this as a stepping to stone to a spoken word career. To begin with, he should have moved to Miami, not Cali. Miami is the capital of Spoken Word. Just shows the guy has slush for brains. 2nd, if he did work for the Packers as an Athletic Trainer, be it Intern or Assistant, anytime between 2005 to 2013, he is not listed on any employment roster, nor is he licensed or had he applied for licensure in the State of Wisconsin. Ergo, he worked illegally. I doubt the Packers would put themselves in the position of allowing the Unlicensed Practice of ATC.

    Some of your commentaries are just plain stupid: Max McGee, Fuzzy Thurston & a host of others have let me put on their Super Bowl rings. Max McGee, Paul Hornung and Jerry Tagge, to name just a few, married well after the age of 40. Seriously? This is your evidence?
    The story started out of Chicago right after the Packers beat the Bears, so I’m suspicious right away. It quoted a close source of the anonymous kind, that’s always really dependable, right? In a lame attempt to connect freckles with dots, we’re given circumstantial and specious, at best, evidence from someone who tried to use his employment with Rodgers to advance his own personal agenda to meet and ensconce himself w/famous people using Rodgers as his “backstage pass.” I’m sold … not.

    This is not the first time a bunch of rag sheet peddlers w/nothing better to do on a slow news day have tried to sell this crock about Rodgers. . Give it up. You tried the same thing several decades ago w/a qb in GRB known as the Majik Man. Look how far it got you. It’s obvious your journalism skills are so weak that writing a true story with facts from responsible sources willing to authenticate the information by giving their names is just too hard a task for you. You guys are beyond sad. You’re just plain sorry. Leave him alone and let him live his life. Kevin needs to slither under the gutter back with the rest of the sewage.

  • @Francesca M: Wow bitter much? Gossip is gossip and your statement, while potentially valid, is as baseless as the allegations you presented about Kevin. You do not know him, to my understanding, or you would present evidence to support your claims and you would not be anonymous yourself. At the end of the day, the only people who know the truth are Aaron and Kevin and as of late only Aaron Rodgers has made a statement . If there was in fact without a doubt anything going on, why are both of these guys not speaking out, together, and laughing this whole thing off…silence has an expiration date obviously. Where there is smoke there most certainly is fire and that is what allows us all to wonder how true and factual this information is. Until Kevin himself, not a publicist hired with a prepared statement, comes out to say this is not true the speculation will most certainly continue. Hell, for all we know a friend could have leaked information and neither of these guys expected it to come out, allegedly, and the media has been apprehensive about moving forward with this story; one can only assume someone in the media knows something. Remember, what’s done in the dark always comes to the light and this is not the end of the story as people really really like information on athletes, actors, politicians and other public figures. One cannot be in the public eye and remain so secretive it just creates more buzz and curiosity; although, it is their own individual right, its our right to snoop and wonder.

  • Who cares what he does in his privacy. He is a great quarterback and good at his job. I like him a lot. Plus he is sexy and handsome. It’s 2014, do what you like and please yourself, not no one else.

  • I agree Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback.

    Everyone knows that the suicide rate among gay teenagers is high and having positive role models helps. Hiding in the closet for fame is a selfish act.

    If Aaron Rodgers were gay, he should come out. If he came out he would be able to own the story. I do not think he would get negative publicity for coming out. I think he would have a lot of support in Wisconsin.

  • Honestly, gay or not you all should be ashamed of yourselves. Who cares if he is gay? And if so, how is it our right to force him into something he obviously doesn’t want to do? Maybe he doesn’t want to be the poster boy for gay guys everywhere. Maybe he wants to prove that he can have a profound career and be the best quarterback ever and then come out as gay to prove a point. Maybe he doesn’t want to be known as the gay quarterback, because once that becomes public knowledge, everyone knows that’s all he is going to be known for. Look at that gay player who entered the draft. Does anybody talk about his skills as a football player?

    And most importantly, as gay men and women, you need to stop stereotyping. You want everyone to be okay and non-judging of your lifestyle, then stopping being so judge mental of others. Do you really think that by accusing every single male who has close male friends, who takes pictures with other males gay and/or not gay, have male roommates, so on and so forth, do you really think by labeling them as gay it is going to help your cause? No. Every time a heterosexual male talks about how they are afraid a gay guy is going to hit on them, people freak out about how just because they are male doesn’t mean they are attracted to them, and you want them to be okay being around you and so forth, yet you label every male that possibly show “gay” tendencies as GAY. STOP labeling yourselves and others. There is nothing wrong with a dude having another dude as a roommate, yet because they do we all label them as gay. STOP! We don’t know why Aaron had a roommate, maybe he didn’t want his house empty all the time? Maybe he needed a friend with him since he’s from CA and lives in Wisconsin, maybe he was helping out a friend who was an intern when they met and everyone knows, interns don’t get paid.

    And lastly, stop twisting everything this guy does into something it’s not. We don’t know why he does or says what he does. From what I can tell, ARodge is a huge jokester and this could be an Andy Kaufman joke of epic proportions. The dude has been super secret about his private life but yet talked about Kevin? If he really was trying to hide that relationship and stay in the closet why would he do that? Then he finally comments to say he’s not gay and then finally is like you want me to prove it? Fine, I’ll get a girlfriend. Gay or not, it is not our place to judge. He’s one hell of a quarterback. How he chooses to lead HIS life is HIS decision, not ours. He has to live with it. WE DON’T.

  • This is what I do not understand on this story. Most of the Rodgers is not gay comments come from people who say he is not gay because he is a Christian. We know in life that their are gay Christians in the world. Some comments that Rodgers is not gay because he is an athlete and we know through history plenty of gay athletes.

    Is Aaron Rodgers Gay, Straight, or Bi, I cannot answer that question. I do know he is great QB.

  • Hello. And Bye.

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    彼ら;)。 1泊パッケージには、ダブルルームあたり£399で始まります。



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