Justin Bieber premieres a video teaser called “Smile” for his “Believe” Tour movie, Zac Efron does Q&A for his “That Awkward Moment” movie, plus Colton Haynes sits down with “Young Hollywood” and talks modeling, twitter and his television show “Arrow“…

Justin Bieber released a brand new teaser for his #FilmFriday series from his upcoming movie “Believe”, set to hit theaters on Christmas Day (Dec. 25). In this latest teaser, entitled “Smile”, Justin is joined by his friends Ryan Good and Alfredo Flores as he shares the importance of keeping a smile on his face when he hits the stage every night.

Zac Efron attended the “That Awkward Moment” Q&A, where he answered questions from fans about the movie. Efron was pictured wearing a blue Splendid Mills Henley shirt and Nudie jeans, joined by co-stars Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan.

Actor Colton Haynes sits down with Young Hollywood to speak about being a former model, twitter, and the second season of his television show “Arrow”.

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