Justin Bieber gets spanked in this hilarious “Funny or Die” clip, plus Rihanna talks sex life, partying, and performs “What Now” on Alan Carr’s “Chatty Man” show

Justin Bieber makes a hilarious cameo on “Funny or Die” and gets spanked for his public bad behavior of peeing in a bucket and smoking weed. We had a good laugh at this. Your thoughts?

Highlights from Rihanna’s interview:
On her mullet hairstlye:
“I love black hair on me. I love to cut it short and be edgy and have fun with it. This summer I put a tail in the back and it became more like a mullet. And I love it. It’s a weave…it’s attached.”

On her party lifestyle:

“I just try to be as honest with myself as possible. Be realistic with who I am. What I love to do and make me happy. And it’s not always partying. As a matter of fact, recently I’ve become like a square. I hate partying. I’ve become so bored of it. I think it’s because it’s the same music all the time. Maybe we need some new DJs or something. But when I work hard, I play hard. I’ve worked hard over these last 8 years.”

On her sex life:

“I don’t do any of that actually. I’m such a bootleg rockstar. I’m embarrassed to say that actually. It’s pathetic. I’m a bit of a square recently. Don’t feel bad for me.”

Gotta to love that Rihanna, she keeps it real and raw at all times!

Gotta to love that Rihanna, she keeps it real and raw at all times!

And Rihanna also performed “What Now” live and sounded really good.

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