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Brace Yourselves!!“Jelena” is back!!

This is what we know from following the love story of one of the world’s most watched couples, Jelena: they have been in a rocky relationship ever since and have been going on and off in these past few years. Both have been quite busy with their own music careers and individually, Justin and Selena have been in relationships but are said to have maintained a friendly status. But just as soon as you think they are really are done for, a headline pops up and proves you wrong.

Sources say they are officially back people! So much for breaking our Jelena hearts, but no, no one’s complaining. The netizens are raging (but in a good way, of course) of the news. Jelena is hitting it off again nicely starting on their bike date and it seems like they are out of the “friendzone”. The two have been spotted hanging out in LA for the second time in four days and they have been seen really acting cozy with each other and enjoying each other’s company. Netizens believe that it is destiny that brought them back together! Well, we all hope it’s for a long time tho!

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